Solid vs. engineered flooring


Solid v. Engineered Floorboards

Timber flooring can be made into either solid or engineered flooring.

Benefits of Engineered Flooring

Engineered flooring is the best option for the majority of reclaimed timbers, retaining the rustic characteristics of the hardwood while ensuring complete stability. Cracked and bleached by the sun, stained by iron bolts and bands, these timbers have been tested by time and marked with beautiful colors and textures. Engineered flooring allows us to preserve this authentic look while making it functional in its new life as flooring.

In addition, engineered flooring has a number of other advantages over solid flooring:

Installation. Can be installed directly over concrete
Stability. Engineered construction and resistance to moisture minimizes problems associated with expansions and contractions typical of green / solid timber
Wide Planks. Increased stability means much wider boards can be used

Caring for Your Reclaimed Timber Floor

A primary advantage of solid flooring in the past has been the ability to sand it many times, both when it is being installed and to refinish it when needed. This was necessary in previous decades, as the popular finish was a protective polyurethane layer. As this finish wore it was necessary to sand the complete floor back to the original surface before resurfacing or oiling.

Hard wax oils have improved to the point where there is no longer a need to sand your floor. You will be able to maintain the original surface by applying hard wax oil.

Choosing Engineered or Solid Flooring

We offer reclaimed timber in solid flooring when the original timber meets certain specifications. The timber usually had a prior life as a board – in a door, on a floor, or similar – and has proven its stability through time. Timber of greater width or wear must be made into engineered flooring for stability.

Either way, we rarely recommend sanding either type of floor as the original face and its visible history will be easily maintained with the right hard wax oil applications over time.