Unique Benefits of Reclaimed Timber

Our passion is finding rare old-growth timber marked by the past and giving this reclaimed timber a new life. We are inspired by art and enchanted by history, and believe the rare opportunities to surround yourself with both must be seized. To achieve both, while protecting the environment, is an opportunity not to be missed.

Becoming the next chapter in the life of these reclaimed timbers has many advantages:


These timbers have lived a previous life – as bridges, piers, wharfs, doors, posts, and more. Some have been worn by wind, sun and rain; others have been marked by steel boats or boring insects. They bring a sense of place and time that is unmistakable, and notably absent from contemporary farmed wood. Read more about the unique history of our latest reclaimed timbers.


Cracked by age and use, with subtle markings from old pier and bridge bolts, these reclaimed timbers have a natural look and unrefined beauty only a life fully lived can create. Our painstaking manufacturing process allows us to remake this timber into a work of art both functional and lasting, giving Australian wharfs and bridges, Chinese doors, and other reclaimed hardwoods new life as art you walk on every day. See photos of the unmatched character of our latest reclaimed timber flooring.

Strong and Durable.

Reclaimed timbers come from old-growth forest trees which were often used to build structures a century or more ago. These old growth timbers, given the length of their growth life and the tightness of their grain, offer durability that is not achievable with contemporary farmed wood. In addition, this timber has had the time to settle, expanding and contracting into a permanent form, leading to notably more stable timber. Learn more about the history and durability of the Australian hardwood timbers as well as the unique features of each of our hardwood timbers species.

Environmental Benefits.

Reclaimed timbers are the most eco-friendly option available, allowing you to minimize your carbon footprint by reusing timber that was cut down decades ago rather than farmed wood cut down recently. Repurposing reclaimed timbers also prevents these limited old growth timbers from ending up in a landfill or fire pit. Learn more about the unique environmental benefits of using reclaimed timber, including qualifying for LEED certification.

Low Maintenance.

The strength and durability of these timbers makes them easy to maintain. They have weathered through years of use, offering an beautiful rustic look that is pre-worn and enjoyed for its unique marks and dents. Read about the choice of “Solid v. Engineered Flooring” and how to easily maintain these timbers over time.

Unique and Limited.

Each hardwood collection is available in limited supply, based on what was salvageable from the original source. Contact us to find out how much reclaimed timber is left in each of our current reclaimed hardwood collections and secure your exclusive piece of history.