From northern China, these elm doors are up to 150 years old. The natural patina varies as the collection is made of both interior and exterior doors.

Noticeable variations from light to dark coupled with occasional imprints from cold forged steel hardware are evidence of a life fully lived.


From northern China, these elm doors are between 80 and 150 years old. The outer patina varies, as external doors have weathered and internal doors remain close to their original look, as if frozen in time. Some of these doors needed to be stripped of their Chairman Mao posters.

Timbers like these are cherished by table makers and are rarely used for flooring.


A warm glow softens the highs and lows of these beautifully varied planks

  • Hardwood Species:
    Chinese Elm
  • Timber Age:
    originally used 50-150 years ago;
    original age of wood unknown
  • Flooring Dimensions:
    70 to 250mm wide, 1.6m lengths
  • Timber Styles:
    original doors
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